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How to earn XCoins !! XCoins awarded after completion
gamipress-icon-accept Sign up to platform gamipress-icon-bag-material 100 XCoins sign up bonus
gamipress-icon-earth Daily login to website gamipress-icon-bill-material 10 XCoins login bonus
gamipress-icon-like Subscribe & Like 25 recommended YouTube Videos cropped-gamipress-icon-heart-filled.png 25 XCoins completion bonus
gamipress-icon-add Share join invite link with a friend gamipress-icon-ray-filled 25 XCoins on invite sign up
gamipress-icon-social Share on social media gamipress-icon-fire-filled 50 XCoins on invite sign up
gamipress-icon-trophy-filled Get a rank promotion on website gamipress-icon-crown-filled 150 XCoins on promotion
gamipress-icon-star Become a Contributor gamipress-icon-gem-filled 250 XCoins on promotion

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# Avatar Name XCoins rank
1 ecosmo 488343 GrandMaster
2 Mkana4252 172700 GrandMaster
3 Yiga Henry 136260 GrandMaster
4 Boaventura 97970 GrandMaster
5 يحي جعفري 56060 GrandMaster
6 Malek 52980 GrandMaster
7 you trash at fortnite 1v1 me now 51880 GrandMaster
8 Moon Moon 45830 GrandMaster
9 FKAY GH TV 44160 GrandMaster
10 Jacob Holder 43560 GrandMaster

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