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GoTaranakiTravel & Adventure
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I just started my channel and the initial Youtube video got 250 views I paid SUBxc $50 and got 2,000 views in a week and 29 new subscribers. I have used others in the past for other online marketing but none have done for me what SUBxc did. I am very happy with the results and I am using SUBxc for my other videos and channels. Easy to use? One word SIMPLE. Results? One word EXCELLENT.
 Joshzzy Gaming
Joshzzy GamingGaming
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I highly recommend SUBxc to any YouTuber out there! I was sceptical at first, so I only paid the very minimum to advertise a video, but it didn’t take long to change my mind. SUBxc brought me 200+ real subscribers to my channel in just two weeks of use. All the good reviews about the results aside, the customer service is probably the best you’ll find anywhere. I found Brandon super helpful with all my questions and because of him I’ve continued my use of this service. Best of luck to you all!
 The Book Break with Melissa Dalton Martinez
The Book Break with Melissa Dalton MartinezEducation / Books
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I like that the views that come from SUBxc are from real people and not robots. I've done a few video campaigns with them, and while they didn't always deliver as quickly as I thought it would, I was okay with that because I'd rather have real people looking at my videos than have fake views.
 Relaxing Piano Solo and Meditation Music
Relaxing Piano Solo and Meditation MusicMeditation Music
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Hello. Just wanted to say the campaign is finished and I am very pleased with the results. 1,329 views, which resulted in several new subscribers and 10 likes. This is the best YouTube promo service I have come across so far, and will definitely be using it to continue to grow my YouTube channel. Hopefully, after time, it will help my channel go viral. Finally! Something that works.
Its Doc
Its DocMusician
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It was super easy to use and made targeting my audience simple. My video increased over 100% in a couple days and garnered much engagement in the comments, likes and subscribers. I would definitely recommend.
 Kayo Bracey
Kayo BraceyMusician
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The service was absolutely amazing. I got over 30,000 views and you can tell they were from real people! I got tons of real comments, likes/dislikes and real feedback. I plan on doing all of my major releases with SUBxc . Oh and the customer service is amazing!